I've been photographing and filming nature and wildlife for much of my adult life. I'm drawn to charismatic megafauna and iconic landscapes for their visual power to inspire awe and wonder.

Too many places in this world are under assault from population growth, land exploitation and poor resource management. If we are to preserve a healthy environment and leave a legacy of conservation and sustainability, it will require a change in how we think about nature, diversity and the role of humanity in the context of our lonely planet's future. 

The world is a wonderful place and I have seen a good bit of it in my life. My profession as an airline pilot brought me to many countries and gave me the means to travel on my own to the places recorded in the images you see here. It's my wish that they give you joy and an appreciation for the beauty and complexity found here on Earth.

My social media skills are poor and I don't do Facebook but I can be contacted at rbendjebar@mac.com.

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